As a tech organization focused on providing insights, communities, and tools to churches, Gloo needed additional team members to connect church leaders with their communities. Their objective is to support leaders as they build groups and implement strategies to serve and grow their congregation.


Our partnership with Gloo started with two of our back-end engineers working with their mobile engineers and product designers to create a scalable microservice API for a new mobile application. Today, our partnership has grown to an embedded team of more than five engineers, five product designers, and a project manager, all of whom are working on key projects within the Gloo ecosystem. Throughout our partnership, we built a new API for their native application that provided a better user experience. Our designers leveled up their product research game, allowing us to create new, intentional user experiences and user interfaces. We helped the team develop new paradigms to strengthen and stabilize their infrastructure. We were instrumental in implementing scalable solutions and evolving the platform into the robust system it is today.


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We have partnered with Midwestern Interactive’s design team to take our product to another level. The MWI Embedded Design Team has over-delivered by taking the time to understand our users and know who we are. They have a terrific full product focus and have delivered intuitive, on brand designs while becoming an integral part of our product team.

Brian Johnson | Senior Director of Engineering


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