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Signing Day Sports is driven by a deep-seated passion for leveling the playing field for athletes. Their mission was to create a SaaS product that champions the incredible talent of athletes from smaller and rural schools, who often struggle to get noticed. While their plan initially focused on football, their ultimate objective was to broaden their product's scope to encompass a wide range of sports. By bridging the gap between players and college coaches, they are committed to unlocking new opportunities and helping their users achieve their dreams.


As a proud partner of Signing Day Sports, Midwestern was instrumental in the planning, design, development, and launch of their groundbreaking product. We worked closely with their team to create an unparalleled technology that enables coaches to overlay and compare athlete drill videos side by side. Our collaboration resulted in a product that gives users a platform to showcase their skills and attributes, enabling coaches to review and evaluate potential athletes remotely. Our partnership with Signing Day Sports is a long-standing one, and we are proud to continue supporting them as they expand into new sports and connect even more athletes and coaches.


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I never expected working with MWI actually meant that I would become part of a team that was engaged and truly cares about my product.  They make insightful and elegant suggestions and are so thoughtful - they truly do make me and my product look GOOD.  They are my teammates and I am lucky to work with them every day.

Sheila Hammond | Senior Product Manager



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