Brand Audit

A comprehensive evaluation to analyze the elements and strategies shaping your brand's identity, perception, and impact.

Fuel the future of your brand with an audit that provides real direction.

Does your brand resonate with your audience?

Your platform solves a problem. Does your branding create one? Is your target audience singing your praises? Most importantly, do they know you exist? If your branding is holding you back, a brand audit can help identify friction points and sharpen your messaging to cut through the noise. Turn your audience into your best sales team with a brand audit.

Brand audit explained

During a brand audit, Midwestern will take a deep dive into the DNA of your brand, uncovering what makes you tick and how you activate your audience. We’ll offer a report of solutions to craft a visual identity that unleashes your brand’s full potential.

Unique Value



Dissect your story

We peel back the layers of your mission, your values, and your purpose to get to the bottom of what message you want to send.


Market Analysis

We’ll dive deep into your customer’s wants and needs, likes and dislikes, hopes and dreams. We’ll also take a peek at the competition to see what's working and what's not.


Design Deconstruction

Your visual identity, from logo to website, to app icon, is gone through with a fine tooth comb to optimize every touchpoint.


Deliver Results

A comprehensive report packed with actionable insights and a roadmap to brand mastery.

Don't see what you need? Ask us about our diverse talent network.

Ask us about our diverse talent network.

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Scott Cate



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Jason Egnal

Chief Marketing Officer


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