Deliver the high-quality features your users need, on time.

Leadership opportunities in software product development don’t come along every day. Our team embeds with yours to help you make the most of it.

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We believe you deserve a team with the experience needed to avoid roadblocks and keep your software product racing towards a successful launch.

How We Add Value

We wrap experience, continuity, and scalable resources around your team at any stage of your journey.

Early Stage

We help you build a strong foundation by developing an MVP prototype and proof of concept.

Scaling Startup

We give you the flexibility and speed to innovate, deploy new features, and explore market fit.

Market Leader

We help ensure the quality control and velocity you need to stay in the lead.

Our promise to you...



Providing solutions that meet user needs in an elegant and scalable way.

Our promise to you...



Delivering product features at a pace your stakeholders and users love.

Our promise to you...



Ensuring everyone is aligned on clear priorities, progress, and road blocks.

Hear from the people who know us best: our clients.

“I can't express how happy I am to have chosen Midwestern. The crew is smart, able to make choices for the better, and are very interested in my success.”

Scott Cate

Founder and CEO


“They make insightful and elegant suggestions and are so thoughtful - they truly do make me and my product look good.”

Shiela Hammond

Senior Product Manager


“Your team has been a godsend and exactly what we needed during this season.”

Travis Gates



We love seeing a successful product launch as much as you do.

Explore how we’ve embedded with other teams and partnered with product development leaders to meet their goals.

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Our track record speaks for itself. Here are just a few of our trusted partners and clients:

“They took our product to a new level.”

Brian Johnson  |  CTO  |  gloo








Here’s how we partner with you.

01 | Strategic Assessment

We help you understand how our team can wrap support around yours to achieve your desired outcome.

02 | Technical Assessment

We’ll connect you with our technical teams to discuss your toughest challenges and how we can guide you through them.

03 | Hard Work and Results

Together, we’ll build a highly-efficient product team who delivers solutions to real problems that your users will love.

Our team is ready to serve.


Brand Audit

Uncovering your story, values, and vision help identify a brand that evokes an emotional connection between your product and its users.

Brand Proposal

Brand proposals are a strategic blueprint that articulates a comprehensive plan to establish, evolve, or revitalize a brand identity.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are the essential set of rules, principles, and visual standards that ensure consistency across your product.

Roadmap + Priorities

Roadmaps establish a clear and strategic alignment between the product's development journey and the evolving demands of users.

Pitch Deck

Pitch decks serve as a strategic bridge to connect your vision and product roadmap with a business strategy that attracts investors.


Your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stands as a pivotal cornerstone, strategically designed to lay the foundation for a successful market debut.

Product Design

We design thoughtful experiences that lead to the adoption of your product, and deep engagement of users that meet business objectives.


We wrap expertise, continuity, and scalable resources around your engineering team at every stage of your journey.

Project Management

Every product has different needs, and we can help provide the right difference maker to unlock your team's full potential.


Everything your product needs. When you need it.


Your vision, your product, with your Midwestern team.


Design, engineer, and manage your product with flexibility.

In software product development, the threat of wasted time and capital hangs over the entire journey.

We wrap expert support around your team so you can deliver the highest-quality product features on time.

Matt Johnson


Let us put our experience to work for you and your product.


Active projects

We're deeply invested in our clients' succes and projects. Always improving.


Happy clients

We deliver high quality solutions and value transparency and partnership.



We engage with ambitious and driven partners in order to push forward.

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