Certified Product Owner

Certified Product Owners prioritize the backlog, while reconciling stakeholder requirements and orchestrating the team's focus on the most impactful user-centric stories.

We are committed to helping you succeed, from the early stages of development to the ongoing maintenance of your product.

Build products that meet user needs.

Imagine a product roadmap that sings, a backlog humming with user-centric priorities, and a development team in sync with customer needs. Our Certified Scrum Product Owners make that vision a reality. They're not just order-takers; they're strategic storytellers, translating market insights into actionable roadmaps, crafting user experiences that captivate, and driving delivery that delights. Don't settle for "good enough" - empower your product success with expertise that bridges the gap between business vision and agile execution.

Embedded teams explained

As an embedded team member, we buy into your company, culture, and product success to seamlessly integrate into your internal team to serve like one of your own. The value we add extends far beyond the individual; we share institutional knowledge, meaning your embedded team member has access to a diverse range of Midwestern expertise. With an entire team of behind-the-scenes experts on your product, you can scale quickly without the long onboarding, turnover delays, or HR hassle. Give your company the security of a flexible embedded arm, providing you the ability to scale up or scale down with ease while layoff-proofing your employees.

Unique Value

Results through Experience:


Understand your product

We aim to deeply understand your product, users, and objectives by actively engaging with your team and collaborating closely with your stakeholders.


Clearly define goals and vision

We collaborate with you to precisely outline the goals and vision, ensuring a shared understanding of the direction and purpose of the project.


Maintain the product backlog

We work alongside you to maintain a well-organized product backlog, ensuring the team is focused on the right priorities and objectives.


Make informed decisions

Making informed decisions is crucial for the success of any project. By leveraging data, industry insights, and stakeholder input, we ensure that every decision is backed by a solid foundation, empowering your team to navigate challenges with confidence and clarity.


Maximize value

Maximizing value is at the core of our approach. By meticulously analyzing requirements and prioritizing features, we aim to deliver a product that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Don't see what you need? Ask us about our diverse talent network.

Ask us about our diverse talent network.

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Scott Cate



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Jason Egnal

Chief Marketing Officer


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