Motion with lotti files, transitions, interactions, or animated illustrations engage your users to create a unique and memorable brand experience that brings them back.

Motion design ignites engagement, clarifies understanding, and builds emotional connections with your product.

Make your pixels dance

Don't settle for static interfaces. Breathe life into your product with our embedded motion designers. They're more than animators; they're storytellers who weave motion's magic into the very fabric of your experience. From subtle micro-interactions that delight to captivating animations that guide users, they harness the power of motion to elevate engagement, enhance understanding, and forge emotional connections. Orchestrating a seamless dance between design and motion, transforming your product into an unforgettable experience that moves not just pixels, but hearts.

Embedded teams explained

As an embedded team member, we buy into your company, culture, and product success to seamlessly integrate into your internal team to serve like one of your own. The value we add extends far beyond the individual; we share institutional knowledge, meaning your embedded team member has access to a diverse range of Midwestern expertise. With an entire team of behind-the-scenes experts on your product, you can scale quickly without the long onboarding, turnover delays, or HR hassle. Give your company the security of a flexible embedded arm, providing you the ability to scale up or scale down with ease while layoff-proofing your employees.

Unique Value

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Don’t see what you need? Ask us about our diverse talent network.

Ask us about our diverse talent network.

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